The Tram to Auschwitz

Samuel Steinmann is the last living survivor of the Norwegian Jews who were deported to Auschwitz in the Fall of 1942. In The Tram To Auschwitz, Sammy makes that journey again, and the film follows him, merging the present with the past, and his account with the latest historical research.

This documentary is made with the desire to understand how this could happen in Norways recent past. What small and large steps were taken that made it possible to segregate and deport a young Norwegian boy – and an entire group of people – on grounds of their ethnic origin?



Release date: 2013-01-26
Type: Documentary
Lengde: 66 min


Director: Elsa Kvamme
Screenplay: Elsa Kvamme
DoP: Nils Petter Lotherington
Line Producer: Eleonore Anselme
Editor: Steinar Stalsberg
Composer: Henning Sommerro
Sound Design: Daniel Lindvik
Production: Alert Film, Gudny Hummelvoll/Hummelfilm