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the rebellion school

In 1967 three students started the Experimental High School of Oslo – the EHO, which may be the closest Norway came to Harry Potter´s school of magic. But the EHO existed in real life, and had to face the problems and possibilities of real life, when young people create a school that they want to attend. A school where students and teachers are equals, the students are free to attend the classes they want, and exams are passed on an external school. The school attracted highly motivated teachers, who fought to make their subjects interesting and relevant. The school was open untill late evening, with open space for making music, drama, or painting, and for many it became "a second home".

The filmmaker Elsa Kvamme attended that school herself, and has actually never quit. "The rebellion school" is a personal documentary about a selfgoverned school where teachers and students had a common wish of making their own society, and to inspire to change and influence the society outside through peacefull means. For many the most important experience was learning how to learn, and to know oneself better. And to dare to speak up, when needed.

The school operated for 37 years and inspired the establishment of similar schools in Sweden, Denmark and France, some of them still exist. How did this project of freedom affect its students? And did that school have something, which the schools of today could learn from?



Release Date: 2018-09-27
Type: Documentary
Length: 59 min


Director: Elsa Kvamme
Screenplay: Elsa Kvamme
DoP: Tore Vollan
Editor: Erland Edenholm
Composer: Fredrik Lidin
Producer: Gaia Film, Therese Naustdal
Co-producer: NRK