Students at War: Part 1 – Students in the racial state

The 30th of November 1943 the University of Oslo was closed by the German nazi government, and  all the students were to be arrested as potential terrorists.  Many escaped, but 650 students were sent to Germany, with the purpose of being «reeducated» into good nazis.  This documentary tells about this special event in the history of WW2, and what happened to the Norwegian students after their deportation. How they experienced the attempts of turning them into racial believers and nazi intellectuals, through «punishments and temptations», as they for a while had special privileges in the KZ Buchenwald.  How they kept together and helped each other, in spite of all,,  even when they had to strike against becoming war laborers for the Germans, and how most of them managed to survive even the final breakdown of the nazi regime.

The documentary is in two parts: «Students in the racial state» (50 min); «The Buchenwald fog» (54 min).



Release Date: 1997
Type: Documentary
Length: 50 min


Director: Elsa Kvamme
Screenplay: Elsa Kvamme
DoP: Jørn G. Broll
Editor: Petter Bønsnes
Composer: Lars Jørgen Bergsund
Production: Alert Film, FMS, NRK