Maya Stoneface

What happens to 10-year-old Maya when she discovers that the worlds best dad has a long-legged, dark-haired secret? If your Indian name is Maya Stoneface, you put on your war paint with your best friend Silvia and raise the war-cry. But Maya finds herself alone after Silvia moves away and Mom goes to the hospital to have her baby brother. It is then that Maya discovers her independence and thats when things begin to happen. Maya meets Gloria who has determined that parents are best kept separately, but Maya, like most children, wants a mother and a father in the same place, and takes matters into her own hands.



Release Date: 1996-12-26
Genre: Children
Length: 85 min


May Thali Magnussen, Liberman, Siri Nilsen, Vanja Riksfjord, Laila Goody, Johannes Joner, Elsa Lystad, Helle Haugen


Director: Lars Berg
Screenplay: Elsa Kvamme
DoP: Harald Gunnar Paalgard
Editor: Sofie Hesselberg
Composer: Håkon Hjort
Production Designer: Per Hjort
Sound Designer: Roy Fenstad
Producer: Bente Erichsen
Production: Magdalena Film, Norsk Film AS