They come from many parts of the world. They have the smallest schoolyard of Norway, only two stone throws away from the Royal Castle. They are 12 years old, and wish for a world without beggars, with big houses for everyone and that the leaders don't involve the citizens when they make war. But how do conflicts arise between the kids themselves, what is it like to follow them home, and who would they like to meet, if they could choose between all the people of the world?

This documentary takes us to a journey to the everyday life of children in the center of Oslo anno 2009. We follow a multicultural class at different periods in a "normal" school year this last year as children, on their way to become youngsters.



Release Date: 2011-03-11
Type: Documentary
Length: 63 min


Director: Elsa Kvamme
Screenplay: Elsa Kvamme
DoP: Nils Petter Lotherington
Editor: Mette Cheng Munthe-Kaas
Composer: Geir Bøhren, Bent Åserud
Produsent: Alert Film